A fish can save the day ..

I wanted to try out my newly acquired fishing reel, a small Shimano multiplier, so we decided to fish at a local private pond.I had found on the lakes at Cha Am, Bangkok and Pattaya that my spinning reels were inadequate for casting baits more than about 40 yards. Anglers there that were using even small multipliers had a distinct advantage, not only with the distances they could cast, but also the smaller acceleration required when making the cast meant that the ball of groundbait packed around the coil-feeder was less likely to disintegrate.

My first few tries were not exactly positive, and I had to untangle several 'bird nests' from the reel several times, but after adjusting the magnetic braking system I finally managed to find the right setting. The fishing was unusually slow, and as we discussed other unsuccessful days I said that such days are never over until the last bait is reeled in, when suddenly our luck changed.

On the horizon, thick black clouds had gathered - there was a storm coming and the thunder and lightning in the distance seemed to be coming straight at us. I had cast out half a slice of Farmhouse bread at the spot where I'd seen a decent carp rolling a couple of times. Suddenly a vicious bite nearly pulled the rod into the water, but I just managed to grab it and struck into a heavy weight. The clutch on my little spinning reel screamed as the fish powered towards the far bank, and I just hung on as I waited for the fish to tire. Losing the fish at this time would make the day unforgettable - in a negative way!

We began to speculate on what was on the other end of my line, I thought it was probably a red-tail catfish. A little later the fish surfaced and we could see that it was a pla caho, a giant Siamese carp. After about 15 minutes my friend netted him, it turned out to be a new lake record at 8.45 kg - next year the 10 kg mark may well be reached. After photographing and releasing him we packed up just as the storm arrived.

Siamesischer Riesenkarpfen - Pla Caho - Udon thani - Thailand

posted on: 14.09.2012 - last update on: 19.10.2013

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