Jib - a young woman fights against fate

Jib is a young Thai woman who was born with severe disabilities caused by the drug thalidomide. She heads 'The Disabled Association of Udon Thani' (DAU). This article reports on Jib and her organization, which has set itself the task helping the lives of those people who live in Thailand on the dark side of life there - hidden from the eyes of most tourists and visitors to the sunny country, rarely supported and with little opportunity to improve.

Jib is 35 years old, studied at Udon Thani Rajabhat University in Business Management and is married to her husband Mana who studied IT in Bangkok.
They have a healthy child together. A modern, small Thai family who would surely make it in Thailand, emerging in the growing middle class.

Jib and her husband were born disabled. The drug thalidomide determined their fate and the futures of both before they were born. In Thailand, it was and is still virtually impossible for people with disabilities to achieve a lifestyle even close to a healthy counterpart. In most cases, families with disabled members are severely overburdened. Excluded, isolated and at worst left to face their fate alone, many people with disabilities in Thailand eke out an existence that we can hardly imagine. In most of the state-run institutions there will be self-conscious people with disabilities looking after their peers, rather than 'healthy' Thais. Without sufficient financing, their problems are often exacerbated rather than relieved.

Jib, die Leiterin von DAUOver ten years ago Jib and her husband decided to invest their energy and strength in the support of disabled people in their environment - to help them learn from her family. For the last two years or so she has attracted the notice a growing number of concerned expatriates in Udon Thani. As head of the Disabled Association in Udon Thani (DAU), Jib is the driving force that seeks their commitment by using their energy and resources to help the disabled people in the district to achieve a more fulfilled life.

She had a chance encounter with Nobi, an German who has lived for many years in Udon, during an art exhibition by disabled artists two years ago, that led to Jib and her work becoming more familiar with German and other expatriates in the region.  Ehrung für Jibs Gruppe

After Nobi had seen the work that Jib does, he helped fund some of the projects and provided the association with it's own power tools. Thus German is the language of the voluntary project, helping to to attract attention and to gain a presence in the public awareness.

Transparency in the use of donated funds is a major issue, the Nobi has placed this on the list of major priorities. Donors will be able to see where their money goes and - if desired - donor names will be published on various internet platforms named along with the use of the money. Now there is a monthly cash audit and the appointment of two financial 'watchdogs'. All expenditures from the donation account is logged by them and countersigned by Jib. In addition, here there will be a publication of their spending on the Internet.

Jibs Kids But the volunteer help is not only in the administrative and financial field. Many projects that serve the approximately 1,000 disabled people that Jib manages to help in Udon Thani have been born from the initiatives of Nobi and his colleagues.



Jib has at home, a few miles outside Udon city, 20 people with severe disabilities. One of the first joint projects was to provide the people living with Jib 20 toilets and a roof over their heads.

Several other projects have been initiated, such as organizing catering for joint training camps in preparation for the Special Olympics.


Most recently was a few days ago when donor money was used to buy a much needed wheelchair. An comprehensive report on the internet, with plenty of pictures about the work of Jib and their organization - had meant that spontaneously a donor decided to fund a wheelchair for a young woman with severe disabilities.

One of the main concerns of the DAU is to give disabled people work and thus give a purpose to their lives. Many projects aim to find jobs which are tailored to the participant's specific disability, and so there all kinds of things that are made and sold, the proceeds of which contribute to the financing of their lives.

Apart from the 20 people living with her, Jib visits many disabled people living in the district twice weekly, helped by Nobi and his colleagues. On these occasions, food and daily consumer goods are distributed. These goods are financed by donations and collected by the disabled who live with Jib. During these visits the people distributed a total of at least 100 packages to 100 disabled people, and Nobi and his Swiss colleagues have declared a Christmas party as a "reward", which was celebrated last year for the first time and was a great success.

Anyone interested in helping this project can contact Nobi at his restaurant every Monday at 1 p.m. and ask any questions about it. Everyone is welcome to help with the twice-weekly visits to the disabled. Meet every Tuesday and Sunday at 9 a.m. at Jib's place.

DAU Udon Thani 1  DAU Udon Thani 2  DAU Udon Thani 3

A map showing how Jib and the organization can be found is at the bottom of this page.

posted on: 08.09.2012 - last update on: 19.02.2017

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