Kham Chanot - a jungle island in the middle of Isan

The report presented here about Kham Chanot shows it is a unique place. Actually, it is just a lying island in a lake - nothing extraordinary, one might think. But if you think you already know Isan and its landscape and wildlife then maybe you'll be surprised when you realize very quickly that on this island, the time seemed to have stopped a few hundred years ago. One is immediately struck by the original vegetation, and with a little imagination you can imagine what all Isan once looked like, before monocultural rice cultivation and deforestation. Here are the impressions of our trip to Kham Chanot.

Upon arrival, you will first see a large statue

The temple is situated on the way to the bridge that crosses to the island

The brick-built bridge has been decorated with Naga, the giant snake that lives in the sea around the island, according to legend. Nagas apparently had numerous heads!

Most visitors prefer to take off their shoes to cross the bridge, as this is considered holy ground.

Kham Chanot - auf der Brücke

As you cross the long bridge you can expect to see incredible flora; the trees and plants seem to stretch into the sky.

Kham Chanot - auf der Insel

Kham Chanot - Dschungel auf der Insel

Kham Chanot - Bäume, die in den Himmel wachsen

Kham Chanot - grün, grün, grün

Kham Chanot - noch mehr Grün

Once you have crossed the jungle to the island's center, you reach a small forest temple, with the many scented candles that have been lit giving the jungle a smell like Buddha's perfume.

Kham Chanot - Waldtempel

Just away from the small temple, there is another fountain, whose water never dries up and is supposed to be home to the Naga.

Kham Chanot - Brunnen der Naga

Kham Chanot - am Brunnen der Naga

We were most impressed with the massive trees and their roots. Anyone who has some idea of this matter, please let us know some information about
on the probable age of these giants.

Kham Chanot - uralte Bäume

Kham Chanot - riesige Wurzeln

There are small houses within the roots, of course - spirit houses.

Kham Chanot - Geisterhäuschen an den Wurzelriesen

The tree stems are wrapped with rich fabrics to soothe the spirits of the trees. There could be, given the size of these trees, very powerful spirits living there.

Kham Chanot - an den Wurzeln wird gebetet

Kham Chanot - ausgebreitete Wurzeln

After not too long you will have seen everything on the small island and you go back to the Forest Temple.

Kham Chanot - Weg zurück zum Waldtempel

En route you will pass by this tree and you can then easily imagine where the belief in the spirits of the Naga came from.

Kham Chanot - Würgefeige

On the way back, over the long bridge decorated with Naga, you can then look again at the original and impressive nature. A visit to Kham Chanot is highly recommended!

Kham Chanot - Ende des Besuchs

posted on: 11.07.2012 - last update on: 15.09.2014

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