Of large catfish, pacus and outstanding singers

Tips from anglers that tell us about as yet unknown fishing waters in our area are always welcome. We heard a report from an angler about a small pond in Nong Han, in which there were pacus and other fish to catch.Nong Han is located about 35 km east of Udon, on Highway 22 towards of Sakon Nakhon. The pond is situated just before the town. The pond is artificial, but it's clean and tidy unlike many other fishing venues. At one end of the pond there were 5 small cabins, three of which contained karaoke machines - the main business of the bankside restaurant.

   Angeln in Nong Han   Angeln in Nong Han 3

The pond was obviously not set up for angling, so we asked the owner if we could fish. He told us that as long as we returned all that we caught, we were welcome to have a go. To show us the fish, he threw in a handful of pellets and the water started heaving immediately.

We saw a big mass of striped catfish, walking catfish and other species, all fighting for the pellets. It didn't seem as if the fishing would be much of a challenge, but we decided to try and marched past the karaoke huts, with our tackle, to the other side of the pond.

There were three of us: the first angler fished bacon on the hook, whilst the guy in the middle used bread, and I used a piece of chicken heart. It did not take long before the first angler was fighting a large fish, and presently a nice pacu of 8-9 kg was on the bank.

Angeln in Nong Han 9

He caught some more pacus, but my colleague in the middle and I had nothing. I lost two fish, and my colleague also lost one before he caught the first pla duk of the day:

Angeln in Nong Han 5 Angeln in Nong Han 6 Angeln in Nong Han 7

We haven't caught duk of this size before, this one weighed 6 kg

Angeln in Nong Han 8

Around noon the first karaoke machines burst into life as customers arrived. Soon after all three machines were competing with each other with the most horrifying sounds (known in Thailand as 'singing').

Angeln in Nong Han 4

My friend in the middle became quite distressed at this audio barrage, and plugged his ears with wads of Farmhouse bread. After a few hours of this, we decided in the late afternoon to call it a day, and retired to the restaurant to drink a cold Leo.

The fishing in this pond was, frankly, not bad at all. The background music was, however, very difficult to bear, and this is why this trip to Nong Han will remain in the memory for a long time!

posted on: 27.09.2012 - last update on: 19.10.2013

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At 10/24/2016 - 10:17 wrote the Udon-News-Team


the pond of the restaurant has been netted in the meantime and there is hardly any fish left. Unfortunately we can't remember the name of the restaurant. If you still need directions, we will try to find out the coordinates. Please let us know.

At 10/24/2016 - 00:16 wrote guest
Hi, do you know the name of this restaurant please? And roughly where its located in nong han please? Thanks.

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