Rice harvest in Udon Thani

When the rainy season is over in Udon Thani, and the rice is ready to harvest, the workers take to the fields. Often, the fields are in their area too small to be worthwhile using a combine harvester. Here the harvested rice doesn't go to the markets, but is distributed amongst the farm workers and the families of the farmers.

Reisernte mit der kleinen Sichel

The farmers often do not work on their own harvest, but bring in workers from the local villages, who are paid through various means. In thes pictures, the workers were paid three baht for each 'clump' of rice cut, and supplied with 'free' food and Lao Kao. In other cases the farmer might slaughter a buffalo and divide the meat between the workers.

Reisernte in einer kleinen Arbeitskolonne

Reisernte als Einzelgänger

The clumps are then taken directly to the thresher, where thay are counted and the money distributed.

Der geerntete Reis auf dem Weg zur Dreschmaschine

At the thresher there are many hard-working assistants to satisfy the greed of the machine.

Die Maschine muss gefüttert werden

schnelles Arbeiten ist angesagt

Viele Helfer

Dreschmaschine im vollen Einsatz

Satisfaction sets in when the fruits of the hard work are packed in bags and are ready to be milled.

Die Säcke müssen gut verschlossen werden

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