What a fish!

Our goal was clearly defined when we met up at 9 o'clock in the morning and made our way to Tha Bo - to catch one of the legendary carp that were
rumoured to live in the lake. We had stocked up with plenty of bread and groundbait, the cooler was filled with cold drinks, and the weather was  as usual for this time of year, very hot with the temperature at around 35 degrees - the conditions were perfect. In the event that we should catch a Siamese carp over 15 kg, we had a tank with an external oxygen supply in the boot of the car, hoping to take the fish to a private pond near Udon.

At 10 o'clock we arrived and both of us cast out our rods, one legering with bacon and the other float-fishing with bread. We were hoping to catch red-tail catfish on the bacon, and carp on the bread.

We threw a couple of pounds of groundbait out around our floats hoping to attract small tapian and pla nin, as well as - hopefully - Siamese carp.

After another hour my friend replaced his bacon with a large lump of bread - a full slice wrapped around a big hook. Soon he had a fierce bite and struck into an obviously big fish. After about 20 minutes we saw the fish surface: a Siamese! A short time later, he gave up, and we netted him and lifted him gently onto the bank. A monster! On the scales he went 23.3 kg, subtract 800g for the net and the beast was 22.5 kg.

Gewicht des Riesenkarpfens

A few quick snaps of the fish, then we prepared to take him to his new home.

Siamesischer Riesenkarpfen

The carp was almost too big for the carp-sack, and he was having trouble breathing, so we realised we had to be quick. We filled the tank with water,
switched on the aerator and placed the fish inside. In the meantime the lake's owner came over and we haggled over the price. Shortly we reached agreement and both parties were happy.

The joy of the catch had now given way to concern about the deteriorating state of the fish. We quickly headed back towards home, not talking much, and 45 minutes later our worst fears were realised. It was already too late for the fish. All attempts to revive him at the private pond came to nothing.

We didn't waste the fish though, and managed to get over 6kg of pure fillet from him. Some of his scales were as big as coasters! One piece of fillet was wrapped in foil and marinated with some herbs and cooked in the oven for about 40 minutes. It tasted fantastic. Tha Bo had certainly produced the goods that day...

posted on: 14.09.2012 - last update on: 19.10.2013

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