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Pla Sawai / Striped Catfish / Streifenwels / Pangasius


We decided that our weekly fishing trip would again be at Sabai Sabai Fishing Park. We had already spent some really nice days there, but without any really spectacular catches, but we were still hopeful.

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Another new fish on the list

Our first fishing experience at Sabai Sabai Fishing Park had been very positive and so we decided to return yesterday to see if we could continue with our success.

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Flatrate Angeln

Different fishing

Outside Udon there are countless small private ponds amongst the fields. Now it happens from time to time that the owner of such a pond thinks he might be able to earn some money, with no investment. 'Flat-rate' fishing has now become quite popular among Thais. We were informed that there would be such an event locally so we decided to go there, not for fishing ourselves but just to see what was going on, and to take some photos.

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A new fish species

Once again it was Luckana Lake which produced a surprising catch.

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Pacu Luckana Lake Thailand

Finally fishing again!

During the past few weeks I've not had the opportunity to schedule a day so that I could sit down comfortably on one of my favourite lakes and pursue my favourite hobby of fishing.

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Khuen Mae Ngat Chiang Mai 1

Khuen Mae Ngat reservoir in Chiang Mai

We were visiting Chiang Mai, where we spent some happy days. The timing of the trip had been chosen so that we'd miss the worst of the smog caused by open fires in the area of Chiang Mai. Fishing at Dream Lake Fishing Resort was also on the agenda, and about which we were very happy. Also, a trip the Mae Ngat Reservoir - Khuen Ngat Mae - was another day-out that promised us a wonderful time.

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Bungalows Dreamlake Resort Chiang Mai

A Day at Dream Lake, Chiang Mai

We had planned for quite some time to visit Chiang Mai again, before the weather became unbearably hot and smoggy.

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Hütte am Bung Samran

24 hours at Bungsamran Fishing Park in Bangkok

A really impressive day at Bungsamran Fishing Park in Bangkok, which will leave lasting memories for me!

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Pon Fishing - am Teich

A day at Pon Fishing

In Udon Thani, the high temperatures have gradually subsided. It has now rained very heavily several times and brought significant cooling, so we have had a couple of opportunities to go fishing without excessive sweating and the feeling that the fish feel have no real appetite in high temperatures.

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