Amazon red-tailed catfish

A pleasant day at Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

I paid my second visit to Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park yesterday, as the weather was considerably cooler than of late. The venue appeared much as I remembered it, clean, tidy, and quiet. As we started to fish, we immediately caught fish, mostly pla nai (carp) up to a kilo, but a few other species as well, including a pla caho (giant Siamese carp) of mabe three kilos.

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Rainy season in Udon Thani; mushrooms, bamboo and more

For many weeks we have been sweltering in Udon Thani and cursed at the heat. Farangs and Thais suffer this together, and everyone groans and whines and longs for cooler days.

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rocket day

Rocket Day

Every so often we hear about a 'bang fai' meeting close to Udon. This is a competition between makers of home-made rockets. Naturally this is also a golden opportunity for closet gamblers to make an appearance.

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Pizza Company, Vientiane

A Short Visit to Laos

Recently I found myself having to visit Vientiane in Laos to get a Thai visa. Information about this can be read in this article.

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Concert at Ban Ton

Ban Ton soi dao

We are now entering the soi dao (lit. street party) season, when each village holds a party at the local temple. The village headman pays for it, and better-off families provide free food and drink for the attendees.

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Wat Phu Tok

Wat Phu Tok in Bueng Kan

Wat Phu Tok is a great place to visit in the cooler months. During the rainy season the climb over the wooden planks can be very dangerous, and in the summer there is a risk of catching heat stroke.

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The multicoloured dragons are getting set for the parade.

The First Day of the Pamkit Festival

The 1st of December is the first official day of the annual Pamkit Festival at Thung Sri Mueang in central Udon.

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Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Wat Phra Sorn Keaw

Wat Phra Keaw Sorn roughly translates as temple on a high glass cliff.

We have visited many ancient temples in Thailand, but this one is unique. In many descriptions I've read, it is known as the most beautiful temple in Thailand, although it is not very well known. Whether this superlative is justified, you may judge for yourselves.

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Khao Kho in Phetchabun

Khao Kho - the Thai Switzerland

KHAO KHO - that is the goal today. The wild mountain region in the province of Phetchabun is nicknamed the 'Thai Switzerland'.

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Saturday night market Nong Khai

The Saturday Night Market in Nong Khai

Been before? The Saturday night market in Nong Khai is well worth a look. It's held every Saturday from 5 to 10 pm on the waterfront - Rim Kong Road to Walking Street - in the upstream direction. From Udon Thani it's about 63 Km.

The coordinates and a map can be found at the bottom of the page.

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