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Road Administration - Land Transportation Office

This is the place in Udon Thani to go for your first Thai driving license.

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Khun Achapnon Bunchroen

Tourism Authority of Thailand, Udon Thani Office

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is responsible for marketing tourism throughout Thailand. We spoke to the head of the regional office in Udon Thani, Mrs. Achapnon Bunchroen, and obtained  some interesting and useful information and tips from her.

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Tourist Assistance Center Udon Thani

In April 2016 the tourist assistance center was opened at Udon Thani International Airport. The center is for

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Tourist Police Udon Thani

Tourist Police Udon Thani

In Thailand a special division of the police force was established in the 90s to better protect the interests of visitors to the Kingdom, and to support the foreigners living here with advice and assistance. The officials of the Tourist Police Division are specially trained to deal with problems and disputes, whenever foreigners are involved.

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Gefängnis Udon Thani

Udon Thani prison

The prison in Udon Thani must be the place with that most foreigners would least like to be.

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Water Agency, Water Authority

The Water Office / Water Authority in Udon Thani is the agency responsible for the public water supply.

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