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Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Fishing in Pattaya - the Amazon Fishing Park.

The information that we had about this venue when we were preparing for our visit was rather sparse, and this made us curious as to whether the park would live up to it's exotic name.

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Bungsamran Fishing Park

Fishing in Bangkok, at the Bungsamran Fishing Park

I had very high expectations of Bungsamran Fishing Park in Bangkok, after hearing reports from fellow anglers and my own research on the Internet. Here there are many big and strong fish, everyone said: take your strongest tackle, and be prepared for some strenuous effort. As it turned out, no one had exaggerated in their predictions!

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Cha Am Fishing Park

Cha Am Fishing Park

Fishing in Cha Am - Cha Am Fishing Park

The Cha Am Fishing Park offers the lake and all the necessary facilities for a successful and enjoyable day's fishing.

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Dreamlake Fishing Resort Haupthaus und See

Dreamlake Fishing Resort

Fishing in Chiang Mai, at Dream Lake Fishing Resort.

At Dream Lake Fishing resort in Chiang Mai avid anglers are given the opportunity to fish a 8,500 - to 9,000 m² large trapezoid-shaped lake in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

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Hua Hin Fishing Lodge

Fishing in Hua Hin, on the ponds of the Hua Hin Fishing Lodge.

Hua Hin Fishing Lodge offers two smallish ponds, and the chance to catch large carp of several different species, or some really large predatory fish.

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Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

We recently were invited for a day at the soon to be open Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park. Our first impressions were that the venue was well planned, clean and inviting.

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Pattaya Fishing Park

Fishing in Pattaya - the Pattaya Fishing Park

When we arrived at 10.00 clock in the morning we were greeted by a Pattaya Fishing Park staff member with red eyes and a bottle of beer in his hand.

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Shadow-Lake Bangkok

Shadow Lake - Ngao Nam

Fishing in Bangkok at Shadow Lake / Nam Ngao.

Shadow Lake / Ngao Nam, famous for over 30 years, is a popular lake to go to catch large Giant Mekong catfish. The biggest fish in the lake reach a weight of up to 140 kg, but even the smaller fish of 20 to 30 kg will give the angler an unforgettable fight.

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Sri Nuan Fishing Club

Fishing in Khon Kaen - the lake of Sri Nuan Fishing Club.

Sri Nuan is a popular fishing lake, located a few kilometers outside the Khon Kaen ring-road. The target for the serious will be either one of the huge Giant Siamese Carp or the giant Mekong catfish.

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Thale Thong Fishing Park 1

Talay Thong Fishing Park

We visited this new venue a week ago (in the cold snap) and had a nice day's fishing. It's about 6 rai and was, unusually for a Thai fishery, very clean and well kept, and the staff were pleasant and helpful.

Update February 2018: Unfortunately, the venue had to close their business.

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