Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

We recently were invited for a day at the soon to be open Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park. Our first impressions were that the venue was well planned, clean and inviting.

The fishing is opening on the 1st of August 2015.

The English owner, Ian, welcomed us warmly and proved to be the ideal host. He explained about his two lakes, what fish he'd stocked into them and his plans for the future.

We fished the first lake, which contained several carp species, and immediately started getting bites. Most of the fish were fairly small, but a 5 kg caho (giant Siamese carp) soon graced the net.

Ian's wife, Lux, cooked a tasty lunch for us, and then we resumed fishing, soon landing a 10 kg caho. A couple of 2.5-3 kg esok (roho) followed, in amongst some smaller common carp, Julien's golden carp, and a couple of beautiful kois. When we were done we'd caught maybe 70 fish between us, all on float-fished bread flake.

Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park shows great promise. Ian has some great ideas and the future of this venue certainly is in good hands. Thanks again for a thoroughly pleasant day.

Fishing rules for Nong Bua Lamphu fishing park:

  • Single hooks only, no multi hook rigs.
  • Fish bigger than 1 kg must be landed using a net.
  • Do not lift big fish above the waist for any reason, if you want to take a photo get on your knees.
  • Put all rubbish in the bin at the front of the restaurant.

The restaurant of the fishing park will offer free coffee and tee for anglers. On the menu there will be a choice of delicious Thai and English dishes.

Some info about the fishing provided by the owner:

Lake no 1: Siamese carp lake: 200 baht for two rods. Only 5 people fishing at one time on this lake. Carp at the moment are up to 20 kg. The lake is also stocked with pacu, Amazon Redtails, common carp and small Julien's golden carp.

Lake no 2: 200 baht fpr two rods, you can take some species of fish home to eat like Common carp, tilapia and tapien for 70 baht / kg. The lake also has small Mekong catfish which range from 1 kg to 3 kg. Later this Lake will be just for the Mekong cats when they get to 10 kg in about 2-3 years.

At the end of this article you can find a map, the coordinates and a link to Nong Bua Lamphu fishing park on google maps.

Price per person: 200 Baht

Fish: Common carp, tilapia and tapien

Facilities: shade, tackle rental, bait sales, beverage sales, food

Opening times: 7.00 am - 6.00 pm

A map showing directions and coordinates for satnav devices can be found below.

Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

Fish species

The following species of fish can be caught in this lake:

Thai English
Pla BugGiant Siamese Catfish
Pla GaramedPacu
Pla NinTilapia
Pla NaiCarp
Pla CahoGiant Siamese Carp
Pla TapianSilver Barb
Pla Caho IndiaCatla
Pla Yeesok ThaiJulien`s Golden Price Carp
Pla Amazon DangAmazon Redtail
Pla ChonSnakehead

Find more information about the listed species in our articles fish in Thailand and what bait, tackle and methods to use.


Phone: +66 (0) 871 306 787
+66 (0) 908 508 523

Coordinates for your navigation device

Latitude: 17.13447
Longitude: 102.40499

Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park on Google Maps

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posted on: 25.06.2015 - last update on: 08.11.2015

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User comments

At 10/16/2016 - 16:17 wrote guest
Had a great day's fishing at Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park recently, about 20 fish in total inc. Pla Cahoor up to 12 kg, 3 Amazon Redtails,2 Catla and a small Pla Nai. The park is well set out and maintained and Ian is on hand to advise on the best swims and methods. I think Ian has got the lake and the prices well placed between Thai owned fisheries that are very cheap but overstocked with Pla Sawai and other foreign owned fisheries that are beautiful with many species of huge fish but with a price to match.I recommend this fishery and will return soon!
Re: Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park

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