List of Thai gold prices since 1 January 2001

The quoted buying and selling prices are for each 1 baht (15.244 grams) of crude bullion with 96.5% gold (23 carat). The prices from Monday to Friday reflect the closing price of the day. The price of Saturday is the closing price on Friday on the International bullion market.

Prices are subject to change.

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Charts the course for the Thai gold price:

25. Calendar week 2018
Monday18.06.201819,750 THB19,850 THB
24. Calendar week 2018
Saturday16.06.201819,700 THB19,800 THB
Friday15.06.201819,850 THB19,950 THB
Thursday14.06.201819,750 THB19,850 THB
Wednesday13.06.201819,650 THB19,750 THB
Tuesday12.06.201819,650 THB19,750 THB
Monday11.06.201819,600 THB19,700 THB
23. Calendar week 2018
Friday08.06.201819,600 THB19,700 THB
Thursday07.06.201819,550 THB19,650 THB
Wednesday06.06.201819,500 THB19,600 THB
Tuesday05.06.201819,500 THB19,600 THB
Monday04.06.201819,550 THB19,650 THB

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