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Kaffirlimette Thailand

Kaffir lime

This juiceless citrus fruit looks like a shriveled lemon. The fruit itself is much used Thailand, especially as an ingredient in the mashed...

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Limetten in Thailand


Limes are used mainly for flavouring salads, marinades and dips. It's juice is more acidic than the juice of lemons, and has a particular taste....

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Grüne Mangos in Thailand


Ripe mangoes are rarely eaten by Thais. Rather they prefer unripe fruit, which have an acidic and fresh taste. The ripe yellow mangoes of the Nam...

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Grüne Papaya in Thailand


The ripe papaya fruit is sweet and juicy, and is served as dessert on various occasions. Mostly, however, the immature green fruit is used in the...

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Tamarinde in Thailand


Tamarind pods contain the seeds of the tamarind tree, along with a sweet, sour paste (called the pulp), which is widely used in Thai cuisine....

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