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Grüne Curry-Paste in Thailand

Green curry paste

A sweet and spicy curry called in Thai 'Gaeng Kiau Wan' is made using green curry paste. The paste is one of the spiciest used in Thailand, and is...

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Masaman curry paste

Masaman curry paste is used for the production of the Thai traditional dish, the Masaman curry. Ingredients are: red chilli, green cardamom, cumin...

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Phanaeng curry paste

The Phanaeng curry paste is the mildest version of Thai curry pastes. It is used mainly for the preparation of meat dishes. The paste can be...

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Rote Curry-Paste in Thailand

Red curry paste

Red curry paste is used for the manufacture of curry dishes. The paste can be prepared using the individual ingredients themselves, or fall back...

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Shrimp paste

Shrimp paste is made from dried and fermented shrimp. It has a strong odor, tastes very intense and aromatic.

Thai: kapi - กะปิ

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Gelbe Curry-Paste in Thailand

Yellow curry paste

Yellow curry paste is used in Thailand for making curries. You can make the paste yourelf, or fall back on pre-made paste which can be found in...

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