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Cha Om in Thailand


The Thai cha-om is the fine, young leaves of the acacia tree. They are used in soups, stews, omelettes and fried vegetables. It has a strong odor...

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Chinesischer Brokkoli Thailand

Chinese broccoli

Chinese broccoli is unlike the European broccoli as it does not develope the for broccoli typical cabbage "head". When steamed or pan-fried in...

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Chinesische Reisnudeln Thailand

Chinese rice noodles

Chinese rice noodles are made from fermented rice and are freshly made in Thailand. The noodles are commonly served cold, with a hot sauce poured...

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Kokosnusssahne in Thailand

Coconut cream

Coconut cream is made out of coconut milk mixed with pureed coconut pulp. After a while the cream can be skimmed off the surface of the coconut...

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Kokosnussmilch in Thailand

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is made by pressing the in water soaked, pureed pulp through a fine cloth or sieve. Coconut milk is commonly available everywhere...

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Korianderwurzel in Thailand

Coriander root

Coriander root is, like coriander leaves, a very common ingredient in many recipes and dishes of Thai cuisine.

Thailändisch: Raak Pak Chi -...

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Koriandersamen in Thailand

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are best lightly roasted before use, and then finely ground in a mortar or blender. It forms part of many Asian seasonings, curry...

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Chilipulver Thailand

crushed chillies

The red Thai chili peppers are dried in the sun and then ground to make this chili powder.

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Kreuzkümmel in Thailand


Cumin is used in the manufacture of various curry pastes, which in turn form the basis for many Thai dishes.

Thai: Ji-Ra - ยี่หร่า

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Dill Thailand


Dill is often used in beef soups and stews in north and northeastern Thailand.

Thai: Pak Chi Lao - ผักชีลาว

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