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Grüner Pfeffer in Thailand

Green peppercorns

In many Thai dishes, fresh green peppercorns are used. The peppercorns are usually cooked or fried together with their stalks. If you can't find...

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Indisches Basilikum Thailand

Holy basil - Indian basil

Holy basil - Indian basil has light reddish-purple stems and an intense, aromatic, spicy flavor with hints of clove and allspice.

Thai: Bai...

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Jasminreis Thailand

Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is the most popular rice in Thailand, even more so than the sticky rice popular in Isaan. The rice is one of the so-called fragant...

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Jasmine Water

Jasmine water is used to flavor some Thai desserts. It is obtained by diluting 5-8 drops of jasmine extract with 250 ml water.

Thai: Nam...

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Mu Err Pilze in Thailand

Jew's ear, jelly ear mushroom

Jew's ea or jelly ear mushroom mushrooms have a slightly spicy but mild flavour that tastes a bit like soy sauce. The dreied variety needs to be...

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Kaffirlimette Thailand

Kaffir lime

This juiceless citrus fruit looks like a shriveled lemon. The fruit itself is much used Thailand, especially as an ingredient in the mashed...

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Kaffirlimettenblatt in Thailand

Kaffir lime leaf

The leaf of the Kaffir lime tree has an intense lemon flavor and is used in Thailand as a bay leaf would be used in Europe. You don't eat it, but...

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Kewra essence

Kewra essence is an extract distilled from pandanus flowers and used mainly to flavor drinks, and desserts in Southeast Asia.

Thai: NamToey...

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Zitronenbasilikum in Thailand

Lemon basil

Lemon basil has slightly furry leaves - which is why it's called "hairy basil", and smells slightly of lemon.

Thai: Bai Maenglak - แมงลัก

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Zitronengras in Thailand


Lemongrass is particularly suitable for use in the world-renowned Tom Yam (a sour and spicy soup with various ingredients). From the reed-like...

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