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Helle Sojasoße aus Thailand

Light soy sauce - salty

Soy sauces come in many different flavours. Some are very salty, barely sweet and with a watery consistency. Then again, there are soy sauces that...

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Limetten in Thailand


Limes are used mainly for flavouring salads, marinades and dips. It's juice is more acidic than the juice of lemons, and has a particular taste....

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Langer Koriander Thailand

Long Coriander

The long coriander, similar in taste to the conventional coriander, is used raw. It can be used to flavor salads, or to eat raw as a accompaniment...

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Grüne Mangos in Thailand


Ripe mangoes are rarely eaten by Thais. Rather they prefer unripe fruit, which have an acidic and fresh taste. The ripe yellow mangoes of the Nam...

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Masaman curry paste

Masaman curry paste is used for the production of the Thai traditional dish, the Masaman curry. Ingredients are: red chilli, green cardamom, cumin...

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Nam Chim Taochiao

Nam Chim Taochiao

Nam chim taochiao is a Thai dip which is often served and eaten with khao man gai. 

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Napa Kohl in Thailand

Napa cabbage

Napa cabbage is used as ingredient in soups, sautéed and also raw as a side dish in Thai cuisine.

Thai: Pak Gat Khau - ผักกาดขาว

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Austernpilze Thailand

Oyster mushrooms

Called variously oyster mushrooms, tree mushrooms or oyster-caps, they are commonly used in Thailand and have a pleasant but mild mushroom flavour...

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Austernsoße in Thailand

Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce is an almost black liquid consisting of oyster extract, soy sauce, sugar, spices, and thickeners. It has a sweet, salty, slightly...

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Pak Choi / Chinese cabbage

Pak Choi, also called Chinese mustard, is related to the cabbage and has a slight mild mustard flavor.

Thai: Phak Kwang Tung - ผักกวางตุ้ง...

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