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Palmzucker in Thailand

Palm sugar

Palm Sugar is produced in Thailand from the Palmyra palm. It can be replaced by brown sugar in most recipes. Palm sugar is available as a paste or...

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Grüne Papaya in Thailand


The ripe papaya fruit is sweet and juicy, and is served as dessert on various occasions. Mostly, however, the immature green fruit is used in the...

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Erbsenauberginen in Thailand

Pea eggplant

In Thailand the pea eggplants is an ingredient in many curries. They have a slightly bitter taste still have a crunchy texture even after cooking...

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Phanaeng curry paste

The Phanaeng curry paste is the mildest version of Thai curry pastes. It is used mainly for the preparation of meat dishes. The paste can be...

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Chinesischer Blütenkohl

Pickled Chinese cabbage - Bok Choi

Pickled Chinese cabbage is a very popular vegetable ingredient in many Thai recipes and dishes. It has a mild flavor and is commonly sauteed.


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Rote Curry-Paste in Thailand

Red curry paste

Red curry paste is used for the manufacture of curry dishes. The paste can be prepared using the individual ingredients themselves, or fall back...

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Rote Schalotten in Thailand

Red Shallots / red Thai Onion

Red shallots are used in many recipes of Thai cooking. They have a mild, sweet flavor, and not much bite focus so therefore are often used raw in...

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Rice noodles medium fine

Rice noodles are made from rice flour. Different recipes call for the use of different types of rice noodles. The medium-fine rice noodles are...

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Rice vinegar

Rice vinegar is milder in flavour than most European vinegars, and is less acidic.

Thai: Nam Som Sai Tschu - น้ำส้ม สายชู

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Shitake Pilze in Thailand

Shiitake Mushrooms

The shiitake mushroom was not used as a traditional ingredient in Thai cooking, but is gaining now more and more importance as an ingredient also...

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