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Shrimp paste

Shrimp paste is made from dried and fermented shrimp. It has a strong odor, tastes very intense and aromatic.

Thai: kapi - กะปิ

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Spanische Chilis in Thailand

Spanish Chillis

The Spanish chilli variety has little sharpness, and can therefore also used when cooking Thai food for the more sensitive palate. One should be...

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Frühlingszwiebeln Thailand

Spring onion

The Thai spring onion, or scallion, is finer and smaller than the ones used in Europe - the stalks are barely thicker than chives. The taste,...

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Sternanis in Thailand

Star anise

The star anise is used in some  Thai dishes. It's intense flavour gives dishes a distinctive character, but are not necessarily for everyone...

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Klebreis in Thailand

Sticky rice

Sticky rice is named for its incredibly sticky texture after it's been cooked. The rice should be soaked for a few hours before its preparation,...

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Strohpilze in Thailand

Straw Mushrooms

Straw mushrooms are used in many Thai dishes. They can be found in recipes for soups, salads or fried dishes. The mushrooms are grown on straw,...

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Süßes Basilikum Thailand

Sweet basil

Compared to European basil, sweet Thai basil tastes more intense and contains a light note of anise. Botanically, it comes from the same family as...

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Schwarze, süße thailändische Sojasoße

Sweet black soy sauce

Soy sauces come in many different flavors. Some are very salty, but not sweet and with a watery consistency. Then again, there are soy sauces that...

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Tamarinde in Thailand


Tamarind pods contain the seeds of the tamarind tree, along with a sweet, sour paste (called the pulp), which is widely used in Thai cuisine....

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Tamarind juice

Tamarind juice is extracted from the pulp of the tamarind and used to flavor soups and curries in Thailand. The juice has a sour, sweet flavor and...

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