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There are many web sites on the internet for receiving online radio from all over the world. Unfortunately Thai online radio stations are fairly uncommon. The success of our Top 20 music charts shows us, however, that there is some interest in Thai music.

We have put together a selection of Thai online radio. We know that there are a whole lot more. However, the live stream often isn't working on many of them.

The listed stations have been tested on both Windows XP and Windows 7 and use Windows Media Player. If you have any problems with the live streams, don't tell us, as we have no influence on the radio station's technology.


Radio station Avtive 99

Active 99 FM Sports & Healthy

Active 99 is a pure information channel in Thai. Leisure, sport and health are the main focus of the programmes.

Radio station Chill 89

Chill 89

From the A-Time Media Group, the transmitter plays mainly Thai pop music of the quieter kind, the proportion of news and advertising is kept within acceptable limits.

Radio station CU Radio

CU Radio

CU Radio is mainly a news channel. Traditional Thai music lovers might want rarely hear their favourites.

Radio station Eazy FM 105.5

Eazy FM 105.5

Eazy FM plays international hits all day long. This means that you will hear nothing but English-language pop music, which is interrupted every half hour by advertising and news.

Radio station EFM 94

EFM 94

EFM94 is actually a pure music channel from the A-Time Media Group, and concentrates on Thai pop music. Their motto is "Great gossip, great music" and therefore has a higher proportion of interruptions in Thai.

Radio station FM 100.5

FM 100.5

FM105.5 is a pure information channel in Thai. We didn't hear any music at all when we sampled it.

Radio station FM 95

FM 95

FM 95 is an information and music channel. It mainly plays music that is very popular among the rural population. Not for everyone, but a change from the more popular music from the charts.

Radio station Green Wave 106.5

Green Wave

GreenWave1065 is another channel of the A-Time Media Group that plays Thai pop music around the clock. However, occasionally they also play songs that do not make it into top 100.



Isanradio is a station which plays exactly what the name implies: typically melancholy music, which is popular with all age groups in northeast Thailand.

Radio station MET 107

MET 107

MET 107 plays only English pop music. Every hour there's a small advertising break and international English-language news.

Pattaya 105 FM

Pattaya 105 FM

Pattaya 105 FM broadcastsEnglish-language hits from the 60s to today round the clock. Every half hour there's a break for international and local news from Pattaya in English.

Radio station Phuket FM Radio

Phuket FM Radio

Phuket FM Radio would like to reach the oldie fans among the residents in Thailand. The station plays pretty much everything that was in the international hit parade from the 60s to the late 90s. Every hour there is international news from the BBC.

Radio station Virgin Hitz 95.5

Virgin Hitz 95.5

Virgin Hits is another station that is dedicated to Thai pop music. Conscientiously through the day they go up and down the Thai charts.

posted on: 10.10.2012 - last update on: 14.02.2016

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At 09/24/2013 - 21:25 wrote guest
We are developing a custom application for Thai radio stations, for commercial usage, in which we want to play online radio stations of Thailand.
Please share the details for below queries:
1. Is there any Licensing involved on using the online radio stations (ex: Easy FM 105.5, SEED 97.5 fm, HOT etc) for development of a Commercial App ?
2. In case, there is any licensing involved please let us know the steps to get the License & also provide us the other details too.


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