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27. Calendar week 2020
Friday03.07.202032.5328 THB34.6042 THB38.3302 THB30.8900 THB
Thursday02.07.202032.5028 THB34.6608 THB38.4032 THB30.8600 THB
Wednesday01.07.202032.2943 THB34.3792 THB37.8737 THB30.7200 THB
Tuesday30.06.202032.0782 THB34.3331 THB37.5337 THB30.6500 THB
Monday29.06.202032.2329 THB34.3153 THB37.7067 THB30.6700 THB
26. Calendar week 2020
Friday26.06.202032.1740 THB34.2589 THB37.8968 THB30.6500 THB
Thursday25.06.202032.1613 THB34.3518 THB37.8811 THB30.6200 THB
Wednesday24.06.202032.2905 THB34.5386 THB38.1975 THB30.6200 THB
Tuesday23.06.202032.2857 THB34.5093 THB38.1803 THB30.7200 THB
Monday22.06.202032.1784 THB34.2938 THB37.8550 THB30.7600 THB
25. Calendar week 2020
Friday19.06.202032.1999 THB34.3439 THB38.0425 THB30.7300 THB
Thursday18.06.202032.3359 THB34.5582 THB38.5288 THB30.8200 THB
Wednesday17.06.202032.3354 THB34.6926 THB38.6383 THB30.8800 THB
Tuesday16.06.202032.4061 THB34.8872 THB38.9450 THB30.8800 THB
Monday15.06.202032.1589 THB34.5109 THB38.3065 THB30.8000 THB

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