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29. Calendar week 2018
Friday20.07.201833.0963 THB38.4988 THB42.9113 THB33.2500 THB
Thursday19.07.201833.0438 THB38.4175 THB42.9875 THB33.2600 THB
Wednesday18.07.201832.9412 THB38.4300 THB43.1388 THB33.2100 THB
Tuesday17.07.201833.0463 THB38.6075 THB43.5037 THB33.0900 THB
Monday16.07.201832.9013 THB38.5138 THB43.5375 THB33.1400 THB
28. Calendar week 2018
Friday13.07.201832.8787 THB38.3613 THB43.1950 THB33.1800 THB
Thursday12.07.201833.0388 THB38.4263 THB43.3725 THB33.0900 THB
Wednesday11.07.201833.1987 THB38.6100 THB43.6038 THB33.1600 THB
Tuesday10.07.201833.0688 THB38.5100 THB43.4350 THB33.0400 THB
Monday09.07.201833.2063 THB38.6163 THB43.6688 THB32.9900 THB
27. Calendar week 2018
Friday06.07.201833.0850 THB38.4563 THB43.3588 THB33.0200 THB
Thursday05.07.201833.1188 THB38.4588 THB43.4313 THB33.0900 THB
Wednesday04.07.201833.0313 THB38.1987 THB43.1113 THB32.9800 THB
Tuesday03.07.201833.0988 THB38.3175 THB43.1738 THB33.0200 THB
Monday02.07.201833.0550 THB38.2088 THB43.1313 THB33.0000 THB

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