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Here's a list of the commonest fish that can be caught in the freshwater fisheries of Thailand, their name in Thai and the largest weight.Besides this list, we have further information on tackle and tactics, and the fishing venues which we have visited, both around Udon Thani and elsewhere in Thailand. All of these articles may be regarded as 'works in progress' and we will be adding to them as we gather more information. Please feel free to contribute by adding your comments at the end of each article.

The following fish can be caught in the waters of Thailand:

German name/
maximum weight

English name

Thai name


Mekong Riesenwels

292 kg

Mekong Giant Catfish

Pla Buek

 Mekong Giant Catfish

Gestreifter Wels (Pangasius)

44 kg

Striped Catfish

Pla Sawai

Striped Catfish


25 kg


Pla Jaramet



8 kg

Spotted Featherback

Pla Ton Gai

Spotted Featherback

Buntbarsch (Tilapia)

8 kg


Pla Nin

Pla Nin / Buntbarsch / Tilapia  


15 kg

Common Carp

Pla Nai

Pla Nai / Karpfen / common carp

Siamesischer Riesenkarpfen

300 kg

Giant Siamese Carp

Pla Caho

Pla Caho / Siamesischer Riesenkarpfen / giant siamese carp


2,1 kg

Silver Barb

Pla Tapian

Pla Tapian / Silberbarbe / silver barb

Roter Wels

80 kg

Asian Redtail Catfish

Pla Cod Kang

Pla Kod Kang / Roter Wels / Asian Redtail Catfish

Indischer Karpfen

45 kg

Catla / Indian Carp

Pla Caho India

Pla Caho India / Indischer Karpfen / Indian Carp


10 kg


Pla Nuan Tjan

Pla Nuan Tjan / Mrigal Carp


4,5 kg

Giant Gourami

Pla Rat

Pla Rat / Riesengurami / Giant Gurami

Gestreifter Riesen-Schlangenkopf

30 kg

Giant Snakehead

Pla Shado

Pla Shado / Riesen Schlangenkopf / Giant Snakehead

Riesen Pangasius

Chao Praya Wels

300 kg

Giant Pangasius

Chao Praya Catfish

Pla Tepa

Pla Tepa / Riesen Pangasius / Giant Chao Praya catfish


200 kg


Pla Shon Amazon

Pla Shon Amazon / Arapaima


4 kg

Suckermouth Catfish

Pla Joker

Pla Joker / Saugwels / Marbled Goby

Cyclocheilichthys enopolus

Soldier River Barb

25 kg

Soldier River Barb

Pla Takok / Takok Tapian

Takok Tapian / Soldier River Barb

Julien`s Golden Price Carp

70 kg

Julien`s Golden Price Carp

Pla Yeesok Thai

Julien`s Golden Price Carp

Sorubim "Pintado" Hybrid

60 kg

Spotted Sorubim

Pla Sira Dang

Redtail Tiger

Sorubim Hybrid


135 kg

Alligator Gar

Pla Jonakay

Alligator Gar

Rotschwanzwels aus dem Amazonas

100 kg

Amazon Redtail Catfish

Pla Amazon Dang

Amazon Redtail

Zitronenbuntbarsch / Red Devil Buntbarsch

2,5 kg

Red Devil

Pla Tab Tim

Red Devil


2 kg

Marble Goby

Pla Boo


Elritze / Schwarze Elritze / Hai Elritze

8 kg

Black Sharkminnow

Black Labeo

Black Shark

Pla Ka / Pla Ka DammElritze / Black Shark Minnow / Pla Ka / Pla Ka Damm

Asiatischer Rotschwanzwels

80 kg

Asian Redtail CatfishPla Kod KangRotschwanzwels


60 kg *

Baramundi *
Pla Kapong Kao *

Große Flussbarbe

15 kg *

Hampala Barb, Traverse-Bar Barb, Jungle Perch *Pla Kasoop * Grosse Flusbarbe

Buntbarsch (Peacock Bass)

15 Unterarten *

Peacock Bass *Pla Peacock * Peacock Bass


15 kg

Gunther's Walking Catfish
Pla Duk  

Many of the largest freshwater fish species in the world live in Thailand - for anglers that's the good news. The bad news is that very few of the few commercial fishing venues hold these monsters. Nonetheless, fishing in many of the commercial lakes of Thailand can still produce quite impressive catches, and many anglers have been caught off guard with the tenacity and endurance of, say, an Indian carp or a striped catfish.

* marked pictures were taken by Dreamlake Fishing Resort Chiang Mai

posted on: 28.09.2012 - last update on: 19.10.2013

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